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Nut 111AV Sample

Nutrition 111AV is an upper division, on-line course focusing on the normal metabolism of nutrients, which is taught by Dr. Roger McDonald at the University of California, Davis. The objective of the course is to explore how nutrients are biologically utilized during normal development and maintenance of health in the human. To accomplish this objective, this course discusses the metabolism of nutrients by integrating basic nutritional biochemistry with functional physiology.

Nutrition 111AV is a self-contained computer based teaching (CBT) course. That is, there are no in-class lectures. All material is contained on modules that you will download to the hard drive of your computer. The CBT is supplemented with the book by Grosvenor and Smolin “Nutrition: From Science to Life”.

If you would like to access a demo of part of one of the modules from Dr. McDonald's course, please view the demo.